Metallic Epoxy Katy, Texas

The Option of Metallic Epoxy in Decorative Concrete

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Metallic Epoxy Katy, Texas

Metallic Epoxy Katy, Texas

Metallic Epoxy Katy, Texas – The look of luxury does not have to cost you a small fortune. Certain products can make your home appear as though expensive materials were used even though they fit in the budget of most homeowners. Metallic epoxy can give your concrete surfaces that look and feel of extremely expensive products. Katy Decorative Concrete offers this product because we know that homeowners in the local community want results that look expensive but are still affordable.

Your home is a source of pride and when you use metallic epoxy as a floor improvement solution, you can achieve something wonderful. This coating is a mixture of two parts of epoxy and metallic pigment additive. The result is that your floors are modern and beautiful and have a reflective shine to them. This can assist with electrical bills because you will use less lighting in your home. With so many benefits to this floor treatment you may wonder why you have not tried this sooner. Here are a couple of the main benefits people enjoy with metallic epoxy flooring:

Long Lasting

Highly Customizable

Metallic epoxy is best installed by professionals for several important reasons. First, the application of the product can take several days to achieve the best possible look. You want to ensure that the team installing the product keeps the area extremely clean because any dirt can spoil the look of this product. You will need to ensure the area is meticulously clean and that no one (including pets) accesses the area while the metallic epoxy is being installed. If dirt does get onto the coating it can create some issues. Our team is very experienced with the application of this product and we will ensure that all precautions are taken so that you get the best possible result.

If you are looking for an exciting and vibrant way to update concrete flooring in your home, then metallic epoxy is a great choice. This incredible look is something that people are going to be talking about long after they leave your home. This concrete treatment can also increase your home’s value because of its unique look. We have skilled installers who can prepare your floor for this product, create a unique mixture of metallic epoxy to meet your specific tastes and needs and the skill to install the product while taking every possible step to ensure that the perfect finish is installed over your existing concrete floors.

We are a licensed dealer and supplier for products manufactured by Concrete Technology, Inc., the company where we obtain all our incredible decorative concrete products. This company has seen massive growth since it started up in 1992 and has a reputation for providing top quality products. We work closely with this company to be able to provide you with incredible services at the most affordable price. We do our best to work to a high standard so that you will be completely satisfied with the product once it is installed. We know that your home is important to you and we make it a point to do our best work when we are in your home.

Katy Decorative Concrete is a local company that works hard for the community. We care about the work that we do, and we want to provide you with the best possible outcome so that you can enjoy the installation for years to come.

When you decide that it is time to transform your home and realize your wildest projects coming to life it is time to call us so that we can help you. The metallic epoxy overlay option is something that will have other people envious of the result. Contact the experts at Katy Decorative Concrete today to learn more and get started on your next project.

Metallic Epoxy Katy, Texas

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