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It is the hope of most homeowners to update their home and give it a modern look throughout, but there are still those who enjoy classic looks including stone and tile flooring. The main reason this type of flooring was used historically was because it was durable and the fact that it looked beautiful was a bonus.

Katy Decorative Concrete can help you bring old world charm into your new home because we use the Stone Classics System created by Concrete Technology, Inc. that brings the look of stone to your concrete. Stone Classic systems are one of the most durable CTI products that we have on offer through Concrete Technology, Inc. We are committed to using only the highest quality products and our excellent service is a bonus.

If you want to know more about this product or any others we offer, we would be happy to explain the product and the process to you. It is important to us that homeowners know that this is a great option for them.

You may have a lot of areas around your home constructed from concrete. If you thought that you were stuck with the appearance of that concrete unless you remove it, you are mistaken. Products like the Stone Classic system are durable and strong and can be applied to existing concrete as an overlay. The strength of the product is such that it stands up to the elements and it also increases the value of your home by raising the aesthetic value. 

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Here are just a few of the areas where the CTI Stone Classic system is commonly used around homes:



What are the Main Benefits to Using the Stone Classic System?

When homeowners want to make improvements, they want products that are durable but also look beautiful. The Stone Classic system provides durability and beauty, making it an ideal product for many people. The Stone Classic system also stands up against the roughest Texas weather and is available in many different finishes that you can choose when you are trying to come up with ideas. Typical Stone Classic designs include those that look like stone, tile or granite. This product is ideal for flooring, back splashes and counter tops.

Our fully trained and experienced team at Katy Decorative Concrete takes pride in offering the best products available through CTI. We are a fully accredited supplier and dealer of their products and are completely trained with the installation of their products. We want to keep our customers happy when we install these products and we know that the value of their home will increase exponentially.

Concrete can really start to look run down over time. As the weather gets at it, it can chip, crack, freeze and thaw and this can damage the product as the years pass by. You may have thought that you wanted to improve the look of the concrete, but you could not afford to get the work done. The great news is that Katy Decorative Concrete has plenty of great products that are not only affordable but look fantastic once they have been applied. The Stone Classic system is one such product that many homeowners request once they see it installed in other people’s homes.

We will work with you to help you to learn about the many options that you have. We will explain the CTI Stone Classic system and how it can improve your concrete surfaces. You can put your trust into our team to get the work done that you imagine in your mind. We take your dreams and turn them into a reality.

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