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Katy Decorative Concrete has access to many different products that can enhance your concrete products. Reflective flooring is something that you may have heard about, it is a type of overlay that utilizes a metallic epoxy finish that is a unique blend created by the homeowner. That is because when you want to make home improvements you want to include elements that provide a personal touch. This modern product helps to tie in all the different areas of your home and update it at the same time. You can combine a lot of different wants and needs into this one product.

At Katy Decorative Concrete we put our focus into providing our customers with the services that they need to improve their concrete installations, both inside and outside of their homes. Reflective flooring is an option that many people really like because it contains metallic materials, resists chemicals and is the perfect addition to anyone’s home. We have a team of professionals that can explain the benefits of this product to you.

Why Install Reflective Flooring?

When you consider how you want your home to look you must think about all the products that you would use inside of it. The flooring products offered by Concrete Technology; Inc. include reflective flooring which has a unique metallic appearance. This material is often requested because of the many advantages that homeowners can gain from its use, including:

Provides a Unique Look

Install over Existing Laminate Flooring and Countertops


Easy Maintenance

Durability, Beauty and Elegance – in a Single Product

You take great pride in your home and that is why you continually invest in it by updating it and improving it as time and finances permit. You want to keep your home in top condition because it is an investment. You might like the flooring and counter tops when you first move in, but you will want to be able to upgrade them over time. When you are ready to upgrade or change flooring and counter tops, contact Katy Decorative Concrete, we can come to you and show you examples of countless home improvement projects we have undertaken in the past. Whatever your ideas are, we can bring them to life with our versatile CTI products.

We always make your project a top priority from the beginning until completion. We know that your home is a source of pride and we will work with you to turn it into a place you love for years to come. When you need a team of caring professionals, you can call us at Katy Decorative Concrete, we are here to help. Reflective flooring is a product that can help you to save on energy costs because it redirects light sources and brightens every room that it is installed in. Many of our clients remark that they are impressed with the increase brightness in their home since they had this product installed.

Are you looking for a company that cares about your home as much as you do? When we get started on a project, we put every ounce of our energy into its completion. We understand that projects are disruptive, and we do not want you to be put out in any way. We put our focus in getting you exactly what you want with the choices and the installation process coming together more quickly than you would expect. If you are unhappy in any way with our work or products, tell us. If you are very happy with the work and products, please tell everyone.

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