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If you are considering using some decorative concrete products at your home you may will want to be assured that you are using the highest quality products that are available to you. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that the products being used in a job in your home are of the highest quality possible because you now that the product will last for a long time and that it will be the ideal product for your current situation.

The team at Katy Decorative Concrete believes that in order to do a superior job you must use superior products. We take pride in using only the best products produced by Concrete Technology, Inc. (CTI) because we are a licensed supplier and dealer. We know that offering the best products from CTI offers homeowners peace of mind because every company that deals with their products is trained in the most effective installation methods for each product.

A company that isn’t a CTI dealer cannot use their products on any jobs, but when you deal with Katy Decorative Concrete, a CTI product dealer, you are going to get the best product and knowledgeable installers.

CTI Products – When You Need the Best

If you need concrete overlay products, CTI products are the very best option for your patio, garage, pool deck and driveway. The products that we work with vary, depending on their application, and we can assist you in deciding which products you need for the result you want to accomplish. This is a summary of the products that CTI offers and some information on each one:


Reflective Flooring



F-1 Low Odor

Stone Classics

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